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Ladbrokes Lottery

With a great selection of 34 weekly lotteries to play from all over the world including Spain and New York Ladbrokes lottery gambling is a great place to be and it could not be easier. At Ladbrokes Lottery all you need do is select which lottery to play from a drop down menu, pick between one and five numbers which need to be matched, chose the stake that you wish to play for and away you go. Some useful features of Ladbrokes Lottery is that you can quickly go from one bet to another where you can vary your gambling numbers or the stake each time and you even select multiple draws weeks ahead to save you the effort of returning before each draw. Available lotteries at Ladbrokes lottery include our own Irish lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays but also the Monday Millions draw in addition to the UK Wednesday and Saturday draws. The Spanish lottery is covered by both the daily draws and the Sunday draw, the New York lottery is every Wednesday and Saturday, on Friday is the Euro lottery and of course to complete the line up is the twice daily 49’s. With a line up like this it is no wonder that Ladbrokes lottery appears in our top three for lottery gambling.

Because lottery gambling online is played against fixed odds it does not matter how many winners there are, you will always get paid the odds multiplied by your bet if you win but of course with online lottery gambling you need to match all your chosen numbers before you have a winning combination. The odds themselves vary depending upon how many numbers you have selected to be matched and how many balls or numbers are made in the draw and how many numbers there are in total; Ladbrokes lottery has a section which explains in every detail the odds you get from each combination of numbers at each lottery which can be up to 150,000:1 but there is a maximum for any individual in any single lottery or on any single day of €250,000 so if you are gambling at odds of 150,000:1 limit your bet so that your potential winning do not exceed the maximum.

We recommend comparing odds offered by different bookmakers when gambling on lotteries as they do vary and the difference can be considerable but beware when making the comparison that you know whether the offered odds include your stake or not as this can be different between bookmakers and also different to normal practise at other games such as roulette. At Ladbrokes lottery for example quoted odds of 6:1 will give a total return of €6 for a €1 bet which in horse racing terms would be expressed as odds of 5:1. Ladbrokes lottery is not unique in expressing things this way so check to avid disappointment.

Ladbrokes lottery remains one of the best around with plenty of choice and generally good odds available.