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It is a well known fact that most players at any online casino will only feel dubious about the outcome when they lose a few hands or cannot get a winning number of the roulette wheel despite the fact that any reputable online casino such as those we recommend on this site are so heavily regulated and the RNGs (Random Number Generators). In an attempt to combat these fears most online casinos have now introduced what is called live online casino gambling and it is a totally different experience for all concerned. In a live online casino you can actually see the cards being dealt and shuffled or the ball being rolled into the roulette wheel in real time which makes the whole experience much more believable.

Play Live Casino Games All Irish Live Casino Live online casino is accomplished by having a casino set up with video cameras (web cams) and those pictures are streamed directly to your computer in real time; the quality of the streaming is usually only compromised by the internet connection speed. Generally there are a number of web cams enabling you to view different parts of the casino or different angles on the deal or spin. More often than not these live online casinos are not actually casinos at all in that people cannot walk in off the street and play; they are in fact special rooms that have been set up for online casino use only and could be located anywhere although Eastern Europe is a popular location for European based live casinos; for example, All Irish online casino is very honest in stating that their live casino is located in Malta. The best from this arrangement is that you can get the enjoyment of seeing other people win just like in a land based casino but you cannot chat to the dealer; most live casinos will also publish details of when a particular dealer will be playing so that if you find a favourite you can choose what time to play. Knowing your dealer can make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Playing on your own can in fact be an advantage for some players who are distracted by actions of other players or whose betting patterns can be influenced by other players and we have all been at a casino where one player wants to monopolise the whole table by getting in the way of others who want to place bets. Playing on your own is definitely faster than playing at a multi player table.

If you are a roulette player you will surely have noticed that at a regular online casino the ball can react in a very jerky way towards the end of a spin which if it does not come up with one of your numbers is a very frustrating experience. This is caused by the fact that the winning number is selected by an RNG and the ball and wheel spinning graphics are different so that as the spin is coming to an end and the RNG has selected the winning number, the ball somehow has to get into that slot on the wheel which can give rise to some strange looking movements. This does not it dishonest but it does look a little strange. In a live online casino this is taken care of and the ball roll is as smooth as in any casino. Unfortunately the games that are available at live casino are somewhat limited to Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat with the occasional one having the dice game Sic-Bo although William Hill does offer a form of Caribbean Stud but that does cater for the vast majority of players and it is only likely to be used where there is a requirement for a live dealer. There is generally a good choice of stakes available from small to very large and in fact high rollers will often prefer live online casino as they fell they get more attention. In a regular online casino a high roller is not actually recognised until after the event and then they can qualify for various player status points but there is no substitute for being recognised in person whether in your online casino or in your local bar; it gives the same feeling of belonging. Live online casino can be offered on flash or download versions but not usually at the same online casino; William Hill has only download but BetFred for example has live online casino on their instant casino. Ladbrokes live casino is also operated on their instant platform but has the advantage that no separate wallet is required; Ladbrokes operate a system where you need your money in the right section of the site to enable you to place wagers but it is very simple to transfer your cash around the site so this presents no real problem. Ladbrokes also caters very much for high rollers with roulette stakes of up to €20,000, blackjack stakes from €5 to €2500 and Baccarat stakes from €1 to €5000. Paddy Power also offers live online casino on their instant casino and has table stakes very similar to Ladbrokes.

Live casino at 888 is only on the download casino but the possible stakes are the highest around with stakes on blackjack up to €5000 and Baccarat up to a massive €10,000. Bet365 also has their live casino on the download platform. The live online casino option has certainly added a different dimension to the online gambling world and whether you choose to remain a quiet player or a chatty player you will feel at home; most online casinos also offer a joining bonus for your first time play at the live casino so it is well worth a go if haven’t already done so. It is the nearest thing you will get to a land based casino including all the sound effects which you can of course switch off unlike in a noisy land based casino where you just have to put up with it and of course there are no smoking, dress or drinking restrictions.