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Bingo has gained in popularity tremendously since becoming a regular feature of online casinos and other online gambling bookmaker sites but it is believed to go back as far as 16th century Italy where it was known as “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” but others believe that the modern game was invented by a certain Edwin Lowe in 1929 in America and the original name was “Beano” which became Bingo. Whatever the truth, Bingo has been around for a number of years but has been transformed by the internet age.

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Prior to becoming an online gambling game Bingo was played exclusively at Bingo parlours and was dominated by ladies having their night out, probably while the men were in the bar. It was associated with bingo callers who could push the boundaries with sexist jokes, much to the amusement of the clientele and of course all the names of the numbers such as legs 11 or two fat ladies 88 all of which had to be learned to become a true player. From those early days the Bingo parlour has advanced and they usually contain a good number of alternative gambling games such as slot machines and whilst still in existence all over the world they are falling in popularity probably due in no small amount to the smoking ban.

Bingo has become a gambling game for all with both men and women both young and old taking part although many Bingo sites still trade on the idea that it is exclusively a female pastime, for example 888 bingo have 888ladies and many still use a lot of pink colouring and advertise on TV during programmes likely to be watched by the female population. Of course when playing online bingo, nobody need know what sex or age you are as you are playing anonymously under your invented game name or alias but you may have to be a bit careful if you get into habit of chatting online.

Online Bingo and Bingo played in the halls are pretty much the same but the advantage with online bingo is that you do not have to mark (or daub to use the correct bingo terminology) your cards yourself if you do not want to which is useful tool as you will not miss any numbers and it enables you to play more cards simultaneously. Online casinos will have a number of rooms in which to play and there will be different games going on which are mostly identified by the cost of a card to play which is basically your stake. You can only vary your stake in a given game by buying more cards to give you a better chance of winning and in fact there are some games where each player must have the same number of cards to give everybody the same chance. Each card will have a certain number of numbers printed on it and the idea is to match those numbers on the card to numbers on balls which are drawn out in a random order. Most games use 75, 80 or 90 balls although there are no rules specifying how many must be used.

There are usually also a number of ways to win with prizes being offered for each so you do need to pay attention to the game being played. Prizes are usually awarded for a pattern of numbers on the card or for a complete line of numbers either vertically or horizontally or even diagonally and also for a full card. The simplest way to play is to activate the “auto daub” which will mark all your cards for you and anyway in an online bingo room the software will not let you lose by missing a number so you will get your prize but you could lose the excitement of knowing you have just one number to go to pick up a big prize. If you are playing in a hall you will need to restrict your number of cards purchased to what you are capable of checking within the given time between numbers being called.

Basically the game is as simple as that and it is a great way to pass time enjoying yourself and it does not have to cost a fortune if you restrict yourself to low card prices and fewer cards but if you want the big money and there is big money to be won then you need to go up the scale a bit. Jackpot games are extremely popular and because many online bingo operators use the same software as they do in slots offerings a jackpot can be built up quickly from various gambling sites. The jackpot is usually won by covering or daubing all the numbers on a card within a certain number of balls drawn and if nobody does it within that number the jackpot rolls over and gets bigger.

All online bingo bookmakers such as Paddy Power bingo have sign up offers which is usually in the form of free games or cash to play games and all offer a good variety of side games such as slots or roulette which you can play whilst waiting for a game to start; there is always a delay between bingo games to allow players to purchase new cards. Another popular feature of online bingo is the chat feature that enables you to chat with other players or the game moderator simply by typing in your message and sending it. As we said earlier you will be playing under an alias although you can use your own name if you wish so chatting can be quite entertaining.

There is no strategy to playing online bingo, it is down to pure luck although we do know there are players that have lucky or unlucky numbers and will not accept cards that either do or do not contain those numbers but at the end of the day if you are lucky you will win so the best of luck.