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The list of gambling games at online casinos is endless and seems to be increasing on a daily basis with each bookmaker having their own names for things. Ladbrokes for example have their form of Bejewelled which they call “Chain Reaction” and instead of coloured balls they use strange characters called Cyclo, Spiky, Goldie, Flirty, Zoid and Sunny. One of the more common gambling games is the well known Television show Deal or No Deal in which there are a number of closed boxes which each contain an amount of money. The game play is that the player chooses a box which becomes their box and then chooses a number of boxes to be opened which discloses the amounts of money in each of them; from that the banker will try to assess the amount of money that could be in the players box and make an offer to buy the box from the player which the player can then accept or refuse. Clearly the more boxes that have been opened the better idea everybody has of what might be in the players box. In the TV game in the UK the maximum amount in the boxes is £250,000 but of course there is no buy in. In the online gambling game the maximum amount in the highest value box is ten times the amount staked and there are 26 boxes in total compared to 22 in the TV version. Another important difference is that in the TV game 5 boxes are opened before the first offer from the banker and then an offer comes after every three boxes that are opened whereas in the online casino version the first offer only comes after 6 boxes have been opened, the second offer comes after a further 5 boxes have been opened, the third after a further 5 boxes, the fourth after a further 4 and the final offer after a further 4. This means in effect that your chances of winning are less than in the TV game but deal or no deal gambling is great fun and well worth a try but if you want the true excitement make sure you pick your own boxes one at a time instead of hitting the “quickpick” button.

Sticking with the Television theme and if you fancy your chances of gambling on your general knowledge, there are also a number of gambling quiz games available including the favourite “Who wants to be a Millionaire” or if you want to go further back in time , how about “Bullseye” or “Catchphrase” or if you want a very simple game from your youth there is always “hangman”. All of these are general knowledge gambling games and of course using the original sounds and hosts so keep your sound turned on. There are even some you may never have heard of and do not think that the questions are either impossibly easy or impossibly difficult; there are simply those you know the answer to and those you don’t. All of these gambling games are available at Ladbrokes who have a very large selection for you to play.

Paddy Power also have a selection or gambling games which includes Deal or No deal in the same format as already described but most of the games are in fact nothing more than video slots with different names so whilst “Monopoly” might sound interesting it is a slot machine which is great if you are looking for slots but not so good if you are looking for something else. Television does remain a feature with Paddy Power as well as they have games such as Blockbusters, Blankety Blank, Sale of the Century and Family Fortunes and although the sound track is the original the gambling games are still nothing more than video slots. Other games at Paddy Power include Play Your Cards Right and Hole in the Wall.

Party Gaming also has a range of gambling games under the Party Casino banner which includes Bejewelled but again do not be fooled by the names as the game itself could be a slot or even a scratch card. One gambling game that is neither is “Final Score World Cup” which is an interesting virtual football game in which you can select two teams to play against each other and you can then gamble on a variety of outcomes such as total goals as well as the result. There may also be special events during the game such as missed penalty or Injury time goal etc. As in normal football, different teams have different skill levels which will affect the odds being offered but that does not exclude the odd surprise or two.

888 also have a games section and again you can find a football themed gambling game called “World Champions 2010” in which you can place bets on the outcome of various matches as the tournament progresses or indeed the tournament winner. The choice of gambling games at 888 is huge but again unfortunately most of them are either slots, scratch cards or some form of Bingo game so for the real fun and general knowledge games you will be better off gambling at Ladbrokes. Virtual games are offered by all the bookmakers so if the horse racing or dog racing is off or if you just fancy some fun try gambling on virtual dogs or horses. The graphics are really quite good and all the bets are available with odds shown against each horse or dog and the possible combination and place bets. As is the case in actual dog or horse racing the favourite does not always win and as there are no form pages or weights or known trainers or jockeys it becomes a complete gambling exercise.

Gambling on all these games can be great fun as a change from your regular gambling patterns and all are available to play for free so that you can learn how each of them works before playing for real money.