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Every bookmaker in addition to the normal sports and casino sections has another section called “games” in which you can find many gambling opportunities which you might otherwise not find. It is true that some bookmakers put roulette and blackjack into this section as well as on their regular casino pages and it must be said that these are also gambling games but if you are looking for something different to gamble on you may find it here.

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Gambling Games

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One of the most often played gambling games to be found is Keno. Gambling on Keno is very popular in American casinos but to a far lesser extent in Europe but most online casinos offer the game as it is quick and easy and can be played whilst waiting for other games to begin. Keno is a numbers game similar in a way to Bingo where you select numbers and numbers are drawn which you have to match, in fact one of the Keno gambling options is called Bingo Keno where you have Bingo style cards with numbers. The classic Keno game however uses 80 numbers in total and the player can select how many numbers they wish to gamble on up to a maximum of 15 and then only 15 from the 80 numbers are drawn out. The game is played against fixed odds so for example if you selected 15 numbers and managed to match 6 of those to the 15 drawn you might expect to win at odds of around 3:1. As we explain in our Keno page not all bookmakers pay the same odds so it pays to look around. When gambling on Keno you do not have to select the maximum 15 numbers, you could for example select only 6 numbers so your chance of betting matches is very much reduced but the winning odds are very much better to reflect this so Keno really gives you the chance to gamble at high odds or at low odds depending on how you feel.

The next most popular area of the “other gambling games” section is scratch cards and it is the various national lotteries which have made scratch cards with instant wins very popular. Gambling on scratch cards with online bookmakers is easy enough and most have quite a large range of cards available; full details can be found on our scratch cards page. The major difference between online scratch cards and the cardboard versions that you buy in the shops is that the online versions offer fixed odds against matching symbols and you can play for very small stakes. Generally but not always online scratch cards have 9 areas to be scratched off and you have to have three matching symbols which depending on their frequency of appearing pay at different odds. The bookmaker 888 also has a good range of scratch cards including one called “Risk it Progressive” where you can gamble your winning in successive games. A better description is contained on our scratch cards page but you can certainly rattle up a good win in this way.

Another popular areas is the dice games section where a number of gambling games exist using only dice. Dice games are believed to have originated in China and the dice were probably covered in Chinese characters but the modern dice with only numbers makes it very simple for us. There are some more well known dice gambling games such as Craps or Sic-Bo, both of which is covered in our casino pages but there are also simple games where you are trying to predict the outcome of two dice being thrown. There are a number of variations but the objective remains the same; you will of course have noted that the odds of throwing for example a 7 are much better than throwing a 2 or a 12 and for this reason the odds are changed which again gives you the chance to gamble for high odds by backing the least likely numbers or for low odds by betting on the high frequency numbers and if that is too simple there are games where you can bet on the outcome of ten dice thrown simultaneously. Another interesting dice game is Yatzy which is a head to head dice game played against another player instead of against the house; there is a lot of luck involved in Yatzy but a little bit of experience does help.

Finally there are always virtual horse and greyhound racing games available at most of the online bookmakers and look out for the football games where you can bet on a variety of scores as well as results and 888 even has a “World Championship” tournament that you follow right through to the ultimate winner. If you feel like a change from your normal sports gambling or casino gambling take a look at the game section of your online bookmaker; there is a lot to choose from.