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Lotteries have been around for a very long time in one form or another but with the coming of online gambling lottery gambling from all over the world has become available to the Irish public. The important thing to note however about online lottery gambling is that you are not actually participating in the lottery draw in the same way as you would by buying a lottery ticket and the differences are substantial. You are however using the numbers drawn in the lottery so you are limited to the time of the various draws around the world. In a land based lottery you buy a ticket for a fixed price with a predetermined number of numbers (usually six) and the more numbers you can match from the draw the more you will win although your actual winning amount will depend on how many other gamblers also won. In online lottery gambling you are gambling against the house for fixed odds and you can select the number of numbers you wish to play which can be as small as one as well as the stake; but in the fixed odds game you need to match all the numbers that you have selected before you win. This means for example that if you decided to select three numbers and only two of them came up in the draw you would not win anything but if you did manage to match all three you would win at odds somewhere around 600 or 700 to 1.

There are a number of lotteries available and a number of providers but our top three are Paddy Power, Bet365 which offer the best range and odds. Paddy Power Lottery offers the popular twice a day draw of 49’s as well as lotteries from the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, New York, Spain and Germany. Bet365 lottery which unusually has lotteries under the sports banner also offers most of those but adds lotteries from Canada and Australia. Which lottery you choose to play will depend on the number of numbers drawn and the time and frequency of the draw although if you are a bit of an addict you can of course play them all. Most lotteries use 49 numbers in total although there are exceptions such as our own Irish lottery which only uses 45 numbers the same as Australia and the Euro lottery which uses 50 numbers and the New York lottery which uses 59 numbers.

The other notable thing about online lottery gambling is that it will pay you to look around before you decide where to gamble as the odds paid by the various lottery operators are not the same and the differences can be considerable. Even from the three lottery gambling operators that we list here on our site we cannot say that always pays better odds than Paddy Power Lottery or vice versa or that Bet365 lottery is always worse or always better as it depends on which lottery you are gambling on and how many numbers you are choosing; our advice therefore is to register with all three and compare them before you gamble on the lottery.


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