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Will online gambling kill the high street betting shop

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-16 09:22:41

There has been a great deal of discussion over recent months on the plight of our high streets, and whether there is anything that can be done to turn things around. Clearly the recession has not helped, but many believe that it is the rise of internet shopping which has been the deciding factor. So what about our gambling habits now that we have such easy access to sports gambling and casino gambling online. Reports suggest that the online gambling industry is booming with more and more of us using the internet web sites for our regular sports gambling as opposed to using our local betting shop, and it appears that we are also spending more time playing games on the online casino gambling sites, so do the high street betting shops have a future. As far as the retail sector is concerned the potential saving grace would appear to be that we still like to see and touch the real thing before we buy, and we still enjoy the idea of a shopping trip if the atmosphere and environment is right. Can we therefore draw any comparisons with how we prefer to use our leisure time when gambling. At we believe there are several reasons why we will never totally desert the high street, the most important being that gambling will always be more fun in the company of others. Surely no one would doubt that gambling on horse racing for instance is far more exciting on the course, or even at a betting shop watching in the company of other gambling fans than sitting alone at home. In spite of the limited number of games, most people would also prefer to do their casino gambling at a real casino even though it is often a bit hectic and noisy. Generally speaking human beings prefer company and when it comes to gambling there are many other reasons why it is better to gamble with other like-minded people than to gamble alone.