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Paddy Power to apply for online gambling license in USA

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-12 13:53:44

The US online gambling market has been in the general gambling news for some time firstly by declaring that all online gambling was illegal which resulted in several individuals appearing in courts and some large fines and then more recently individual States declaring the intention to issue licenses for online gambling within their own State borders. Nevada was the first to appear in the general gambling news some time ago followed by New Jersey which happen to be home to the largest gambling centres of Las Vegas and Atlantic City and we now read in the general gambling news that Paddy Power is preparing itself to apply for an online gambling license in New Jersey along with the one it already has in Nevada. The Nevada license has not been used as yet and there is no firm commitment about what sort of gambling online will be offered however as the US online gambling market is forecast to be very large indeed as more and more States join the bandwagon, Paddy Power wants to make sure that it is in a position to strike. has also recently been in the gambling news for joint ventures with established gambling operators in the US as has casino software supplier Playtech. What is not yet clear is which forms of online gambling are likely to be allowed under the licenses; it will for sure not be the full range as we have available at Irish online casinos but with the history of the USA surely online poker will be one of the first. Other States such as California are known to be looking at online gambling and land based casino operators in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City will be looking at how they too can capitalize on the freeing up of online gambling.