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Gambling is a national pastime in Ireland but online casino gambling is still in its infancy although increasing in popularity very rapidly. Due to our outdated legislation casino gambling was restricted to the private members clubs or the occasional trip to overseas where casinos are commonplace and legal but online casinos have brought casino gambling to anyone who has an internet connection. Nearly all known bookmakers now have online casino gambling as an option including All Irish the most popular in Ireland but there are also specialist online gambling operators who you never see in the high street but who have very complete online gambling offerings such as Bet365; these companies tend to use sponsorship or advertising to make you aware of their name.

As is often the case on the internet not all companies who advertise and operate casino gambling sites are licensed and regulated by the correct authorities so it is still a question of being careful when choosing your gambling partner and it is for this reason that we at have done the background work and can comfortably recommend a select number of online gambling companies that are correctly licensed and who can be trusted. Online casino gambling is more likely to have spurious sites around than for example sports gambling as the opportunities for a false result are much greater so we always look for a recognised accreditation such as e-Cogra (e Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) which is an independent body set up specifically to ensure that gambling in an online casino is fair and honest and it is also important that an online casino treats your personal details with absolute integrity.

Gambling at an online casino such as 888 Casino is very different from gambling at a land based casino and the major difference is the huge choice of casino games that are available to you; of course there are the traditional casino games of Roulette and Blackjack but you can also learn the lesser well know gambling games such as Caribbean Stud Poker or Baccarat or Craps which is very rarely found in European casinos. Another distinct advantage of gambling in an online casino is that you do not need to gamble at all; you can play for free, something unheard of in a land based casino. Have a look at Free Spins Casino, here you get free spins on every deposit and that is even something you do not get at a land based casino. Playing for free is a great way to learn a game that you are not familiar with although it does of course lack the excitement of casino gambling with real money; only when you take a risk does the true excitement come out.

Online casino gambling is a great form of entertainment and as long as you keep yourself safe by using one or more of the online casinos that we have here at such as Bet365 Casino you can have many hours of fun and if you are lucky enough you might even make some money at the same time.


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