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Want a simple numbers gambling game try Keno

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-23 12:43:16

Probably two of the simplest forms of gambling are bingo and the lottery, and these two numbers games are also many peoples first introduction to gambling of any sort. Gambling on Bingo has been popular for many years, particularly amongst women, but the introduction of the National Lottery brought gambling on numbers to all of us. We now also have online casinos, which have introduced us to a far greater range of easily accessible gambling options, but gambling on numbers is still popular and most of the online casinos now offer other numbers games in addition to Bingo and lotteries. One of these numbers games is Keno, which although it can differ slightly depending on which online casino you choose, is basically a cross between bingo and the lottery. Keno gambling is played against the house, and requires the player to choose up to 15 numbers from a possible 80, of which 20 are normally selected by a Random Number Generator and the more of these numbers you have chosen the more you win. Gambling on Keno also allows the gambler to choose what odds they want to play for, because you can decide for example to select just 10 numbers which clearly reduces the number of matches you are likely to get, but does increase the pay out on each number. Keno gambling at Paddy Power for instance pays 2/1 on 5 matches from 15, but 5 matches from 10 selections gets you odds of 8/1. As you are making your selections,  the odds are clearly displayed on the online casino graphics so that you can see the degree of risk you are taking and the potential pay out if you win. Unfortunately, there can be a considerable difference in the Keno gambling odds from one online casino to another, so it is well worth checking more than one site before starting to gamble on Keno. Although gambling on Keno is obviously very easy, it is still worth playing free until you understand the odds.