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Gambling on let it ride poker requires three bets up front

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-19 13:02:14

One of the more unusual online casino gambling games is a card game known by the name of let it ride poker or in the case of Paddy Power Let them ride poker who offer the same game with a different name. The idea of let it ride poker is to form a five card poker hand from three cards that are dealt to you and two community cards dealt into the centre of the table but with this gambling game you are not playing against other players or even against a bankers hand so if you have a winning hand which is generally described as a pair of tens or better then you win and the better your hand the better are the odds at which you will win. Casino gambling games come in all shapes and sizes but let it ride must be the only gambling game where you start off with a maximum bet but have the chance to reduce it as the game progresses. That may sound strange but gambling on let it ride goes as follows: your first bet is in fact three equal bets which is an ante and two other bets, the cards are then dealt but the two community cards are face down and remember that the objective is to form a poker hand of two tens or better. You now have your first gambling decision to make and that is whether with the three cards that you can see you feel confident or are willing to gamble that you can form a winning hand; if you think that you can, you let your first additional bet ride but if not then you can withdraw your first additional bet. The first community card is then revealed and the gambling process is repeated and you can withdraw your second additional bet or let it ride. In let it ride gambling your decision on the first card has no bearing on the decision on your second card so simply because you withdraw the first additional bet does not put you out of the hand. Gambling on let it ride is very interesting and well worth a try.