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By mr-gambling on 2011-05-28 14:23:05

Online gamblers now have a huge choice of gambling games available on all the major online casino sites, although many of them are simply variations of a standard gambling format. One such game is Keno, which is a numbers game similar to bingo which is played widely in the Las Vegas casinos and is now available in various forms on all the popular online casinos. The standard game of Keno is a fixed odds game played against the house, and involves the gambler selecting up to 15 numbers from 1 to 80. Just 15 numbers are drawn and the gambler can choose which numbers they want to select, and how many numbers they want to play. The odds vary depending on the number of selections the Keno gambler makes, and are normally indicated on the Keno board as the gambler makes their selections. This allows the Keno gambler far more flexibility than the standard game of Bingo, in that they an choose the odds they wish to play for. Keno is very easy to play, but Keno gamblers should pay careful attention to the odds, because if they for instance choose to select 15 numbers to give them a better chance of winning, they can need to match at least 5 of those numbers to break even. At the other end of the scale, matching all 15 numbers pays massive odds. We should also point out that different online casinos pay different odds for the number of selections made, so the Keno gambler may wish to check more than one site, and choose the best for the number of selections they want to play. We have detailed some of these varying odds on our Keno page to help you choose.