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Online lottery gambling increasing in popularity

By mr-gambling on 2011-02-21 12:53:38

Gambling on the lottery online is gaining in popularity and this may in part be due to the fact that it is considered a safe form of gambling as there is nothing the online bookmaker or any software can do to alter the outcome. We hasten to add that any of the bookmakers which we recommend here at are perfectly legislated and controlled and even the random number generators used are subject to regular inspections by independent bodies but we understand that some gamblers may still have doubts. Lottery gambling is available at a number of online gambling sites but the best we have found are at Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Bet365 all of which carry a good range of daily and weekly lotteries and the most popular games for the Irish public are of course the Irish 6 and 7 ball lotteries and 49s 6 and 7 ball. The 6 and 7 ball lotteries are the same draw but the 7 ball includes the bonus ball thus giving a better chance of winning. Online lottery gambling is different from regular lottery gambling in that online you are gambling against fixed odds of a certain number of your chosen numbers matching the ones drawn whereas in a regular lottery your win will depend on how many numbers you have managed to match and the how many players and winners there are. The other major difference is that in online lottery gambling you choose how many numbers you select which can be as few as one but in regular lottery gambling you always choose the same quantity of numbers. For a full explanation go to our lottery page.