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Live casino is the latest addition to online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2019-03-19 12:29:31

Gambling has long been part of life in Ireland but it has come a long way since the windowless bookmakers shops that were inhabited by male only smokers and drinkers. Today there are still plenty of bookmakers shops and they are bright airy places but the biggest change has been the coming of online gambling which removes the need to visit the bookmaker at all. This has in turn introduced far more people to the gambling world including far more ladies and at the same time brought far more gambling opportunities to everybody. For many, especially the ladies, gambling online at bingo has become an innocent new pastime but possibly the greatest effect on Irish gambling has been the coming of the online casino. Unlike many other European countries that already had casinos, being able to play casino games in Ireland was completely new so whereas online casinos were seen as competition to established casinos in many countries, in Ireland it was simply something new. To cater for the market there have been lots of online casinos established and the Government has not hindered their development as anyone can operate an online gambling site with a license issued anywhere in the EU. Online casino gambling is now well established and the latest effort to encourage more players is a live casino option.

So called live casino is available at all online casinos but in fact all casino play is live as it is happening while you are playing. Possibly the only thing different is that there are live dealers so possibly a better name would be live dealer casino. When gambling online at a regular online casino all the next numbers and cards are determined by what is called a random number generator which is a fancy name for a computer program that generates numbers completely randomly. For casino games such as roulette or blackjack this works well as the result of spinning a roulette wheel is just as random and if multiple decks of cards are shuffled after each deal then that is also random. There are Irish casino players, however, that have a natural mistrust of RNGs and believe that the online casinos can adjust them to work in their favour. has no doubt that somebody somewhere is capable of doing that but the online casinos listed on this site certainly do not and neither do they have need to do so. There is a small margin in favour of the casino in every casino game so given enough players and a long enough period of time the casino will always end up winning. This does not mean that players will lose every time they play and certainly there are players who have made healthy profits from online casinos.

The live casino option avoids all the doubts surrounding RNGs by replacing them with live dealers who actually spin the roulette wheel and deal the cards. The live casino is generally located in a specially equipped room somewhere which has been fitted out with cameras which transmit pictures to your device in real time. As it is all online, these rooms cab be located anywhere but Eastern Europe appears to be the most popular place. An exception to this is at online casinos such as which uses the premises of an actual casino in Malta. The live online casino cannot really replicate the excitement and entertainment of attending an actual casino as you are not able to see what other players are up to but if you have doubts about the RNG then it might be an option for you. The biggest drawback of the live casino is the number of casino games which are available. If you enjoy roulette or blackjack there is no issue as all live casinos carry those games but if you enjoy casino slots then live casino is not for you as there aren’t any at the live casino. Only casino games that need a dealer are there so even dice games like craps are not there.

Many online gambling enthusiasts are slots players probably because they give the greatest chance of winning large amounts of cash without having to lay out large bets. It is possible to win large amounts playing blackjack but as the maximum payout is 3:2 for a blackjack you need to be risking large amounts in stakes to begin with. Casino slots on the other hand can be played with cents although most will play for a Euro or two and the winnings can be massive. Where else does gambling online provide a chance to win millions with very modest stakes. There are casino slots where your stake is per line and you can also adjust the number of winning lines that you are playing. These slots can get quite expensive in terms of stakes especially if you are chasing one of the huge jackpots as they often insist that in order to win the biggest jackpots you must be playing for the maximum allowed per line. If you also choose to play the maximum number of lines what seems like a very modest stake can soon add up. There are other slots however where the number of winning lines is fixed so all you do is adjust your stake and all winning lines are automatically covered. It is much easier to control your stake level at this sort of casino slot.

Gambling online really has brought a whole new world of entertainment to many people and with modern casinos operating on virtually all devices you do not even need to be at home to chance your arm. Many casino games only take seconds to decide a winner so you can enjoy gambling everywhere at any time even if you only have a few minutes to spare. If you fancy giving it a go then select one of the online casinos listed on this site and click straight through. Creating an account and depositing cash is easy and it could be the start of something interesting.