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Live casino gambling at online casinos is possible

By mr-gambling on 2019-04-12 13:11:41

Online gambling makes life much easier for many but there is nothing quite like being at a live event. Many Irish people will have watched Cheltenham a few weeks ago and the Grand National last Saturday as they are two of the most popular gambling events of the year but those that enjoyed it most will have been those lucky enough to be there. Of course Ireland has enough horse racing of its own where gambling online adds to the excitement but what is really missing is in the world of casinos and the ability to go to a real casino where the atmosphere and excitement is far better than at your regular online casino. Casino gambling is big in Ireland and without online casinos it just would not be possible with the exception of a few private clubs but it has now reached the whole of our society who are enjoying many casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Nevertheless, a real land based casino is still missing and the best that an online casino can do is to offer what they call live casino. Live casino in online casino gambling terms means that there are live dealers to replace the random number generators which are used in regular online casino play but apart from that the casino games are the same.

Live casino tries to replicate an actual casino but one of the missing features is the ability to see what other players are doing which is part of the fun at an actual casino. A valid question, therefore, is what is the purpose of live casino? The answer is not totally clear but there are those casino gamblers who would not do anything else and it is assumed that their problem is the RNGs which are used. RNGs have been around for a long time and are nothing more than a computer programme which produces random results. In theory spinning a roulette wheel will produce random results in the same way as an RNG but there are those who believe that online casinos play around with their RNGs to produce favourable results for the casino. It is very difficult to categorically state that no online casinos do that although feels very confident that any of those listed here would not as they are strictly controlled by the licensing authority and have their RNGs tested on a regular basis. The risk is also very high as being caught would almost certainly result in license revocation and closure of the casino. There is also no need for an online casino to alter the RNG as any casino gambling game has an edge in favour of the casino so over a long enough period of time and sufficient players they will always come out on top. That does not of course mean that the casino wins every time for every player otherwise there would be little point in playing. It is always possible to win quite large amounts.

The live casino option at most online casinos is nothing more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and of course cameras to relay proceedings to your computer or other device. Unfortunately the only things in shot are the dealer and the table you are playing at so whilst you can see what is going on with your bets you cannot see what other players are up to. There is also a chat facility available if you feel like talking to the dealer but it will not affect the outcome. That brings us to another very interesting feature of casino gambling at actual casinos. When visiting an actual casino you will almost certainly have seen players giving tips to the croupier or dealer when winning but why would people do that? There is nothing the dealer can do to affect the outcome so the fact that a player is winning has nothing to do with the dealer at all and tipping them is not going to help in future gambling. If you got money back when you lost then it might seem reasonable but that doesn’t happen. Actually it does at No Bonus Casino which will be explained later. Gambling online has no provision for tipping dealers so it is not a problem but it remains a mystery why people should do it.

As mentioned above there is an online casino that does give money back if you lose and that is which can be accessed directly from this site by clicking on the link. This might be unique in the online gambling world but it is well worth investigating as has done. The promotion is very simple and says that if you make a deposit into your online casino account and somehow manage to lose it all on the same day that the deposit was made then 10% will be refunded the very next day. There are several really good things about this. Firstly is that this is not an offer for new players only as many promotions are; it is available to every player on every deposit made into the casino even if you have been signed up for years. Secondly, there are no limits on which casino games qualify for the “loss”, you can play any of the games on site for as long as you like as long as it all happens on the same day. Thirdly the money back is actual cash. There is none of that “money back as a free bet” which is often encountered in sports gambling, the money back here is simple cash placed into your casino playing account. There are no separate staking requirements so the cash is yours immediately to do with as you wish. You can of course continue to use it to play but you can also simply remove it from your account and save it for another day.

Online gambling and get money back if you lose can’t be all bad.