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Financial Gambling

Financial gambling is not covered by as many bookmakers as you might imagine. If we ignore the more complicated structures of financial gambling such as contracts for difference or CFDs there are two types of financial gambling which you can very easily get involved in and they are fixed odds financial gambling and spread betting and of the two fixed odds financial gambling is the easier as all you need to do is deposit some money and if you have an account with an online bookmaker, you can simply transfer money from your central wallet.

Fixed odds financial gambling is a win or lose bet against the movement of a market or commodity over a fixed period of time and the time can be as short as 2 minutes or generally as long as 1 day although longer time frame bets are available. At the beginning of the time frame the level of whatever you are gambling on is fixed and your bet in fixed odds gambling is whether that level at the end of the time frame will be higher or lower. Clearly most indices (think of exchange rates or stock markets) move quite rapidly and so do the odds which are offered and if you are 4 minutes into a time period of 5 minutes everybody has a much better idea of where that index will finish (it is a bit like backing a horse with one fence left to jump) so the odds will reflect that.

Spread betting in financial gambling on the other hand is totally different as instead of placing a fixed bet amount at known odds you are still gambling on the movement up or down but this time at an amount per point of movement. Financial gambling this way means that you stand to win or lose far more than your original stake per point and the time frame over which the bet is placed is usually much longer than minutes. Spread betting is a form of financial gambling that is similar in a way to actually buying and selling shares or currency or whatever but there are two important differences; firstly, if you had to buy the shares you would need vast amounts of money which would be tied up until such time as you sold those shares but with Spread betting you are only betting on a movement so the capital required is much less. The second and very important issue is that spread betting is considered to be financial gambling and as it is gambling the profits are not subject to any form of tax in the same way as other forms of gambling.

Both of these forms of financial gambling are more fully explained on the pages on this site but financial gambling is not only for the city, you can have great fun online sitting at home and if luck is with you or you think you know something that others don’t you can make some money as well.


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