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Financial gambling can be better than horse racing

By mr-gambling on 2011-12-12 10:35:29

In the turmoil of the financial markets across the world financial gambling can be an extremely lucrative business and you do not have to go anywhere except onto a good online gambling provider such as Ladbrokes. Gambling on the financial markets has the big advantage that you can bet either on the markets going up or down and you do not need vast sums of money with which to work. There are two basic types of financial gambling which are financial fixed odds and spread betting and they are quite different but we carry a more detailed explanation of the two types on our financial gambling page here at In brief, financial gambling at fixed odds is where you select a market which can be a stock market or an individual share or an exchange rate etc and then accept odds that the price will move up or down to a figure within a given time frame. This does not need to be a long term investment as you can gamble on the markets over a period of two minutes and then sit back and watch what happens in the same way as you would watch a horse race and it can be more exciting. There is a full tutorial on financial gambling at Ladbrokes online and of course there is also the opportunity to have a go at financial gambling with play money. Fixed odds financial gambling is the safe form of financial gambling as you can only lose your original stake but spread betting on the other hand is not for the faint hearted but for those looking for big returns. Spread betting is where you place a bet on an index in the same way as fixed odds financial gambling but the difference here is that you are gambling a certain amount “per point” so that when the market or index moves you win or lose a multiple of your bet. For something different financial gambling can be great fun and you are not dependent on random numbers as it is all live actual data.