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Financial gambling is not just for city traders

By mr-gambling on 2011-03-02 18:08:39

Once the exclusive domain of city traders financial gambling is now open to anybody who fancies a flutter on the stock markets or an index or even certain commodities and all you need is an account with one of the bookmakers that offers financial gambling. There are basically two forms of financial gambling which are known as spread betting and fixed odds betting. Spread betting is probably the better known form of financial gambling and it has a bit of a poor reputation because it is possible to lose far more than your original stake but at the same time of course you can also win far more. In spread betting the bookmaker will be offering a buy price and a sell price for whatever it is you are gambling on and this is called the spread; the sell price will always be lower than the buy price but the actual spread between the two will depend on the commodity or index being gambled on. When gambling on financial markets using spread betting you place your bet “per point” so your total profit or loss depends on the number of points movement multiplied by your bet; you can of course close your bet at any time if you think you have made enough profit or loss on the gamble but a very popular way of mitigating losses is to place what is called a “stop loss” which automatically closes the deal when a particular point is reached. Financial gambling really is within reach of everybody and even with a small amount of knowledge and a bit of luck it is possible to make real money in a short period of time. If you are not sure try financial gambling for free.