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Online gambling used for money laundering

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-10 15:17:57

In the Irish gambling news this week has seen reports about how online gambling is easy to be used for money laundering but the problem appears to be with unlicensed online casino sites of which there are a lot. The reports in the Irish gambling new suggest that some online casino games provide a good return so for example when gambling on roulette or even gambling on slots, if you play through €1000 once you could well have in excess of €900 left even with average luck which can then be withdrawn as online gambling winnings which is also tax free. Irish gambling news reports suggest that the attraction for money laundering is obvious and that there could be as many as ten times the number of unlicensed online gambling sites as licensed ones. At they are very careful to make sure that any online gambling site is correctly licensed whether that is for sports gambling or online casino gambling or any other form so if you are thinking of money laundering go somewhere else but if not then by all means choose one of the recommended sites and stay away from trouble. Particularly disturbing according to the Irish gambling news is the problem that online gambling is in many instances a cross border operation so people from any country could for example log into an Irish gambling site which makes it all the more difficult for authorities to track the money trail unless they start to work together much more effectively. The reports in the Irish gambling news are coming from a very reliable source which is McAfee and they hope that by highlighting the issue and the dangers that something might be done about it. In the meantime just enjoy your online gambling at one of the recommended sites at