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Irish Gambling News

Welcome the Irish Gambling News page of where we post all kinds of articles we think are relevant to Irish gambling or might be of general interest to our Irish readers. To achieve this we keep our eyes open for press stories from across the world as well as from the gambling establishments which could be financial results, mergers and acquisitions, big wins, changing legislation etc; news concerning an individual gambling operator will generally appear in the section for that operator. Gambling and in particular online gambling has been on the increase in recent years so the focus will tend to be online gambling as that is the sector with which we are involved and we shall endeavor to make the articles as factual as possible but whilst also making them readable and enjoyable.

As we at do not operate any form of gambling we shall also on occasions pass comment or opinions and if we can make it a little light hearted we shall do so but at the same time if we feel criticism is due we shall not hesitate to come down on the side of the gambler. Gambling is a very wide ranging subject so we shall tend to focus on those areas which we cover on the site which covers a wider range of sports as well as online casino gambling, online poker, online bingo, lotteries and financial gambling. Large sporting events or other gambling events will be covered either in Irish gambling news or in general gambling news depending on the event and we shall sometimes try to make a comparison of odds available at the various gambling providers that we recommend on site so that you can get the best deal available.

Online gambling continues to be extremely popular in Ireland and there is certainly a tendency for gambling to be moving from the high street bookmaker to the internet for reasons of ease and for the range of gambling which the internet is able to provide. Most of the high street bookmakers are represented online as well as in the high street but there are also online gambling operators that have no high street presence; our Irish gambling news pages will try to cover them all. We do not publish Irish gambling news articles every day as there is much more to be found on our site which needs to be covered which means that some of our articles may cover happenings in the past week or so but if anything is urgent or affects our readers to a great extent we shall publish quickly. To keep abreast of what is happening in the world of online gambling keep your eyes on our pages and above all enjoy your online gambling experience.


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