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By mr-gambling on 2016-01-21 13:16:07

There seem to be more and more online bingo gambling sites popping up all the time and often they seem to be targeting female players rather than males which suggests that gambling on bingo is undertaken more by ladies than gents. This was certainly true when the bingo halls were in their prime and bingo gambling was as much a night out as anything else but with the advent of online bingo gambling it may be less of an issue. There are many men who quite rightly enjoy bingo gambling online and with the use of a playing name that need bear no relation to your actual name who is to know? However there is really no need to use an online bingo site as most online casinos offer a full range of online bingo gambling with games starting every few minutes and they have the advantage of also having a complete range of casino games which you can play between bingo games. In fact with advance purchase of cards and auto daubing you can play the casino games during the bingo game and you will miss nothing and still collect your winnings. Online gambling at bingo is also seen as a very mild form of online gambling which for most people is probably true but there are bingo games with a healthy price tag and by buying many cards you can end up with some real money riding on the game. All the bingo games available at online casinos or the specialised online bingo sites are basically the same with 75, 80 or 90 balls although the winning patterns for the minor cash prizes can be different. Online bingo gambling is great entertainment but as it can be done at an online casino with a complete range of other online gambling opportunities that would seem to be the place to be.