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Bingo fans will enjoy gambling on Keno

By mr-gambling on 2016-01-03 12:06:37

There is no doubt that gambling has always been a popular activity in Ireland and we have definitely welcomed the opportunity to do our gambling online, with both sports gambling and casino gambling online proving very popular indeed. There have of course been side effects emanating from our move to online gambling, most notably the significantly reduced attendance at our high street betting shops. Our bingo clubs have also suffered a fall in attendance, although many people still think that this has more to do with the smoking ban than the introduction of online gambling. What is clear is that the game of bingo is still very popular indeed, and there are now more people than ever playing bingo and other numbers gambling games at the online casino gambling sites. Almost all the major online casino gambling sites offer a range of numbers gambling games based on the concept of bingo, including new games such as Keno. Keno gambling is available at many of the casino gambling sites and has proved to be a popular addition to the range of gambling games we can now play online. In Keno gambling the player is asked to select up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80, from which they hope to match as many as possible with twenty numbers then chosen by the site’s Random Number Generator. The main attraction of gambling on Keno as opposed to bingo is the opportunity to increase the winning odds by reducing the number of initial selections. Suppose for example a player chooses just 15 numbers, the chances of matching say five of those is less than it would be to match five from twenty, so the pay-out reflects those odds. Keno gambling at Paddy Power for instance pays 2/1 for matching five numbers from fifteen, rising to 8/1 for matching five from ten. If you enjoy gambling on numbers and want to choose what risk you want to take, then Keno gambling may be just the game for you.