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Online Bingo Gambling

Online Bingo gambling has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years with more and more entrants trying to gain customers and many of them are focused on the female population although there are many men who also play. It is of course true that the Bingo halls were and probably still are dominated by ladies which in itself is enough to deter most men but online bingo is vastly different game, very easy to play and you do not need to learn all the “two fat ladies” jargon added to which you can play from the comfort of your own home where you can eat, drink and dress as you like. Some players will say that the bingo hall is a social occasion where you can chat to friends as well as play bingo so the good news is that you can do that at online bingo as well. The other interesting point to remember is that as all gamblers play under an alias nobody actually needs to know what sex or age you are except the online casino itself. Some will even say that online bingo is not gambling at all in much the same way as playing the lottery is not gambling but actually anything where you spend money with a chance of winning money is gambling albeit that gambling on Bingo is less likely to lead you into difficulties than many other forms of gambling; stakes are often quite low and you would need to spend an awful lot of time gambling on bingo to lose a lot of money.

Online Bingo gambling is very similar to the bingo played in bingo halls except that you have far more choice of games and stakes in the online bingo versions and probably the biggest bonus in online bingo is that you do not have to mark or daub your bingo cards yourself, the bingo gambling software will do it for you which means you can play more cards than you might otherwise do and relax in the knowledge that you will never miss a win; if your numbers come up you will win the prize even if you are half asleep. Some games do restrict the number of bingo cards which you can buy and some even ensure that all players have the same number of cards to ensure everybody has an equal chance of winning.

888 Bingo for example has games of 75 and 90 ball bingo every 30 minutes with various jackpots and plenty of bonuses including a sign up bonus whereas Paddy Power Bingo has no less than 9 rooms with games ongoing the whole day so there is always a game about to start and card purchase can be as little as €0.10 or even lower in the bargain basement but prize money will obviously vary according to the card purchase fee. There is no skill to gambling on online bingo, it is pure luck so if you haven’t registered already go to Paddy Power Bingo or 888 Bingo and get into the game.


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