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Lottery gambling from your own home

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-21 14:50:08

Millions of people are gambling on the lottery each week and religiously go to buy a ticket whether that is here in Ireland or in other parts of the world and most do not even consider it to be a form of gambling but online casinos give you the chance to play lotteries from your own computer without leaving home. Lottery gambling is very simple but the online versions are slightly different in that you are playing for fixed odds rather than being dependent on how many winners there are in a particular draw. Most online casino gambling games use what is called a random number generator to come up with the winning numbers but if for any reason you are a bit distrusting then gambling on the lotteries online could be for you as the winning numbers are those drawn in the actual lottery even though you are not actually participating in the lottery itself. There are a number of lotteries from which to choose including the well known 49’s and the Irish Lottery so for example you can gamble on the UK lottery, the Hong Kong lottery, the New York lottery, the Spanish Lottery or the German lottery and all you have to do is choose the required number of numbers and wait for the result. Some of these lotteries are drawn at very inconvenient times for us but then when gambling at an online casino lottery you do not have to make a claim, if you win then the money appears in your account. Gambling on lotteries has never been easier and several of the top online gambling providers have special sections such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes who incidentally call it Lotto so give it a go, choose your favourite numbers and the best of luck.