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Lottery gambling can be done on worldwide lotteries

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-05 15:46:00

Whether you want to gamble on the Irish Lottery or the UK lottery or the lotteries from Hong Kong, New York, Spain or Germany it can all be done at the click of your mouse from the comfort of your own home. Gambling on lotteries has been around for centuries and it is now easier than ever to have a punt on the numbers coming up at lotteries from around the globe which means that every day of the week there is something going on but lottery gambling at an online casino is not the same as lottery gambling by buying a ticket. When buying a ticket you have a fixed number of numbers and your stake is fixed which is the price of the ticket; your winnings will also depend on the number of people playing the lottery and how many people have the winning numbers. Lottery gambling in an online casino has much more variation in that you can select how many numbers you are playing and you can also alter your stake all of which affect the odds at which you will be paid. Many people like the idea of fixed odds lottery gambling as opposed to other forms of online casino gambling as there is absolutely no chance of the casino having any influence on the winning numbers; the winning numbers are always those which are drawn in the lottery and are published. This in effect makes lottery gambling a bit like Keno except that the numbers are not generated by a random number generator but are drawn by the national lottery operator. In Ireland we are lucky to have many chances to buy a ticket in the various Irish Lotteries but you do physically have to go and buy the ticket which you cannot do in the lotteries of other countries so online lottery gambling can provide a good alternative.