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Keno is a popular new online numbers gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2014-04-02 09:56:44

There are many different opinions as to why our bingo clubs have suffered a decline in popularity over recent years, ranging from the smoking ban to the effects of the recession on disposable incomes, but the online casino gambling operators are clear that the concept of gambling on bingo remains popular. In fact we have always loved gambling on numbers, as the continued success of national lotteries and charity lotteries proves. Most online casino gambling sites offer a range of these numbers gambling games plus a few relatively new alternatives, one of which is Keno. Keno gambling is effectively a cross between a lottery and bingo, and requires players to select up to 15 numbers from 1 to 80 which they hope will produce as many matches as possible with 20 numbers then selected by a Random Number Generator. Winnings depend on the initial number of selections made by the Keno gambler and the number of those selections which match the RNG numbers. Clearly the chances of matching say five numbers from fifteen are better than matching five from ten, and the winning odds reflect that difference. At the Paddy Power online casino gambling site for instance matching five from fifteen pays 2/1, whereas matching five from ten increases the winning odds to 8/1. This means that players gambling on Keno can choose what odds they wish to play for and by definition how much risk they want to take. Fortunately the online Keno graphics are designed to help the player to make that decision by indicating how the odds are changing as the player increases the number of their initial selections. Keno gambling is great fun and proving ever more popular as an online casino gambling game, so why not give it a go. We suggest you should perhaps try Keno in Free play mode until you get the hang of the graphics and best of luck.