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If you enjoy gambling on numbers try Keno

By mr-gambling on 2013-02-26 13:31:28

It has long been recognised that gambling is part of human nature, and many of our well known gambling games have their origins in what were the first civilised nations. We also have a history of gambling on numbers, or gambling with numbers by using dice. Probably the most obvious development of this fascination for gambling on numbers is Bingo, or as it used to be called many years ago ‘ Housey Housey ‘. Bingo halls became the casinos of the working class and expanded rapidly across our towns and cities in Ireland and the UK, and the game also became a common feature of seaside arcades. Then came the national lotteries which again proved that our love of gambling on numbers remains as strong as it has always been. Now that we have access to online gambling at online casinos, gambling on numbers is still high on the list of gambling games. Most of the online gambling sites offer various forms of lotteries and online bingo is also available on most online casino sites. Some online gambling sites have gone even further and brought us other numbers gambling games, one of which is called Keno. For those of you who have never tried Keno gambling, it is a cross between a lottery and bingo and requires players to select up to 15 numbers from a possible 80, from which 20 numbers are then randomly selected and winnings depend upon the number of correct selections made. We should point out that the odds do vary slightly from site to site so it is worth checking them out before you start. The most interesting feature of gambling on Keno is that the player can choose the risk and therefore the potential winnings by selecting less than 15 numbers. As an example when gambling on Keno at Paddy Power, matching 5 numbers from 15 selections pays 2/1, but matching 5 numbers from 10 selections will raise the odds to 8/1. It sounds complicated but the Keno graphics at almost all the online casino sites indicates how the odds are changing as you increase the number of your selections, so you can stop where you like.