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Gambling on roulette is good for new online casino players

By mr-gambling on 2013-02-24 10:57:05

Gambling is a bit of a national pastime in Ireland but many people simply stick to sports gambling which can either be done at one of the many high street bookmakers or increasingly gambling online but one of the great advantages of online gambling is that it introduces a whole new world of online casino games which become instantly available. If you like the idea of online casino gambling but do not know where to start, one suggestion would be online roulette as it is a casino game that requires no skill or experience. There are a couple of variations of online roulette gambling namely European and American (there is also French roulette but it is the same as European roulette with a slightly different layout). If you can avoid gambling on American roulette do so as that game has a zero and a double zero which reduces your chances of winning but the odds paid out are the same as European roulette which only has a single zero. The good thing about online roulette is that it is a game of pure luck and there are no good bets or bad bets, you just put your money on and hope for the best and in fact roulette has one of the lowest house edge of all casino games which means your chances of winning are better. Roulette also gives you the opportunity to play a low risk, low reward game by sticking to bets on black/red or odd/even or a high risk, high reward game by betting on single numbers or anything in between. You can play your favourite numbers or you can try to guess what the next number will be based on previous numbers although this roulette strategy is a fallacy as past numbers have absolutely no relevance to future numbers. One of the best ways to play roulette is simple to spread your bets around the table and hope for the best but online roulette gambling is great fun however you play.