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Dice Games

Gambling is something that people do all over the world in all sorts of places and whether they are gambling in an organised casino or simply gambling against another person all forms of gambling require some form of equipment but of them all the simplest has got to be the dice and it is truly amazing how the imagination has allowed a cube with numbers on each side to feature in so many gambling games. Most simple board games such as Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders use dice to help determine the outcome but dice are also used for one of the most advanced gambling games and that is Backgammon. We cover Backgammon in our casino section here at so if you want to know how to play, go to that page. There are also pure dice games where nothing else is involved such as Craps; again a hugely popular game in casinos all over the world but all you need is two dice; again this dice game is covered in the casino section.

The dice probably originated in China and was probably adorned with Chinese characters before numbers were introduced and in fact one of the original Chinese dice games is available for gambling in most online casinos and that is Sic-Bo. Gambling on Sic-Bo is very simple and although it looks complicated from the board layout it only uses three dice and the complication is that all possible options of results for the dice are shown on the Sic-Bo board; once again if you want to gamble on sic-bo we recommend you read our Sic-Bo page under our casino section.

Most online casinos will have a games section and within that you can usually find a dice games section where you can gamble on dice games. The most popular dice games use two dice and the objective in one way or another is to predict the result of the two dice. This can simply be gambling on the numbers or sometimes as in Ladbrokes “Monopoly on a roll” the dice throw moves pieces around a board and you gamble where the piece will land but they are in effect the same thing. Gambling on dice in this way although simple does give the opportunity to play for high or low stakes as if you gamble on the result being 12 for example, there is only one combination of two dice that will achieve that and that is two sixes so the odds of that happening and therefore the odds paid when it does happen are high. An interesting addition to the theme is provided by Ladbrokes Casino Dice in which having won by predicting the correct total you can then do a double or quits bet on the next throw and you have to gamble on whether the second dice of the two to be thrown will be higher or lower than the first dice to be thrown. That sounds a bit complicated but if on the next throw the first dice is a 4 and the second dice is a 3 then a bet on lower wins and a bet on higher loses. If you fancy your chances with more than two or three dice, Ladbrokes also have Tibetan Fury in which you gamble on the result of ten dice. Paddy Power have a very similar line up of dice games but with slightly different names.

Another very interesting game with dice is Yatzy and in this game you are gambling against another player rather than against the casino. The game uses 5 dice and each player has a scorecard containing 15 areas which have to be completed with the results of the 5 dice but it can be completed in any order. There are 15 throws in the game and a throw consists of throwing up to 5 dice three times but after the first throw you may elect hold any number of the dice and throw the others. The score card starts with simple numbers 1 through 6 and if for example you throw four 4s you could fill in 16 in the 4s section provided of course that the field is empty. The skill arises in that four 4s could also be filled in as 4 of a kind or even 3 of a kind if you are desperate so you have to continuously assess your chances and decide where to fill in any throw. Trying to describe this game is quite difficult but the best way to learn is to play Yatzy for free before playing for money and even then keep your gambling small until you fully understand the game. Gambling on Yatzy can be very enjoyable and probably the best online casino for Yatzy is Bwin. Bookmaker Bwin has actually quite a number of different dice games and one in particular which is called “dice solitaire” can also be played against other players and is also available for gambling in tournament format so that you can enter and play and test your skill. Dice Solitaire is a game for the quick thinker as you need to select dice that add up to seven and then new dice appear. Once again it is a bit difficult to explain this game but once you have tried it for free at Bwin you will quickly pick it up and you never know, you might be very good at it.

Dice may have been invented by the Chinese many years ago but today gambling on dice games can be great fun and most bookmakers offer a range of games either in their casino section or in their game section; give them a try.