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Dice games online are quick and simple

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-07 11:07:01

Many online gamblers prefer their casino games to be as quick and easy as possible, with instant results and low stakes. Most online casinos now offer a variety of casino games which satisfy this requirement, including a range of dice games which can vary from the simple prediction of the total of two dice rolled, such as Roll Em at Paddy Power or Ladbrokes, to more varied selections with two or more dice. Probably the best known dice game is Craps, which is played with two dice and provides dice gamblers with the option to place bets on a table similar to roulette, including total, specified doubles ( Craps ) or any double. A similar dice game available on the Ladbrokes online casino site is Snake Eyes, which is also played with two dice and allows dice gamblers to bet on splits ( 2 numbers ), streets ( 3 numbers ) or corners ( 4 numbers ), as well as Hi Lo, odd/even and doubles. Slightly more complicated is Miami Dice available on the Paddy Power online casino site, which uses five dice in a format similar to a slot machine, and gamblers on dice games can bet on high, low or middle range of the total, odd/even or whether a particular number will occur once or more. Dice games offer the online gambler the opportunity to play simple casino games for high or low stakes and for long or short periods of time depending on their circumstances and time available. We should however offer a word of caution, in that because dice games are so quick and simple to play, it is easy to get carried away and blow your budget without noticing. In common with many of the instant result casino games available at the online casinos, dice games are great fun provided the online gamblers stick to their budgets.