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Roulette is the best known game in casino gambling

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-03 15:02:25

Gambling on roulette has got to be the best known form of gambling in land based casinos or online casinos and for very good reasons; firstly it is very simple to understand and to play and secondly your chances of winning are quite good when compared to some other casino games. Roulette gambling can be learned in a matter of minutes and in fact if all you are going to do is gamble on single numbers or red/black or odd/even then it takes just seconds to understand what is going on. The second reason that roulette gambling is so popular is that it is very possible to make money as the odds are very realistic; there are only 37 numbers in play (1 through 36 plus a single zero) and the odds paid for a single number win are 35:1. It should be pointed out at this stage that American roulette gambling should be avoided if at all possible; American Roulette has 38 numbers in play as the roulette table has a double zero (“00”) as well as the single zero but the payout odds are the same at 35:1 but unfortunately many casinos such as those on cruise ships give you no other choice.Online casinos do give a choice however so stick with the better odds available at European or French roulette. Another big positive for roulette casino gambling is that all possible bets have the same rate of return which means for example that when gambling one chip on one number and winning you can pick up from the table 36 chips (your original stake plus the odds of 35:1) but if you bet on two numbers you double your chances of winning but the odds will be half. A winning bet of one chip on two adjacent numbers will result in you removing 18 chips from the table Your original stake plus the odds of 17:1). This means that there are no preferential bets so you can spread your roulette gambling across the board with total confidence.