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Almost all online casino gambling games rely on RNG’s

By mr-gambling on 2014-04-04 07:35:33

Here at we often comment on the popularity of gambling on numbers in Ireland, the most obvious form of which is gambling on bingo. Despite the demise of many of our bingo clubs over recent years the game of bingo still features highly among the most popular online casino gambling games. These popular numbers gambling games also include Keno and a variety of lottery games all of which clearly rely on the generation of random numbers to determine the winners, but if we think about it the same principle also applies to almost all the other gambling games we play online. Roulette for example, unless played in the Live casino mode is totally dependent on a Random Number Generator to select the winning number. Even card gambling games such as blackjack rely on an RNG to determine the next card, and all the slots gambling games and dice games played on a casino gambling site also need an RNG to operate the game. The Random Number Generator and the associated online casino gambling software are the essence of almost all online casino gambling games, and all of us who play gambling games online have to trust that the gambling site operators ensure that their online gambling software is truly independent and random. It would of course be commercial suicide for any online casino gambling site to be found cheating their customers by misuse of the RNG’s, but there is possibly another reason why we feel able to trust this form of random selection of numbers and symbols because the use of computer generated numbers dates back far beyond the introduction of online casino gambling. Those of us with Premium Bonds have been relying on ‘Ernie’ for many years, which is of course simply a Random Number Generator. At we have no reason to doubt the validity of the RNG’s used by our online gambling site operators, but feel it is important that online casino gamblers are at least aware of how their casino gambling games work.