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Paddy Power Lottery

Paddy Power lottery gambling gives you the opportunity to gamble on lotteries from the world as well as our very own Irish Lottery. There is a variety of lottery games to choose from which include the UK Lottery, the Irish Lottery and lottery games from other time zones including Hong Kong, New York, Spain and Germany in addition to the twice daily draw of 49’s. The majority of lottery games are drawn on Wednesday and Saturday but with Paddy Power Lottery you can place your bets in advance and any winnings will be credited automatically. Gambling at an online lottery such as Paddy Power lottery is of course not the same as buying a ticket for a specific lottery; the major difference is that when gambling online you are playing for fixed odds and for a stake which you decide instead of the fixed price of a ticket. The play is also different in that instead of picking 6 numbers and winning if three of them come up as you would on a national lottery ticket you can choose as few as a single number or generally up to 5 numbers but all numbers need to come up before you are a winner. This has an advantage in that even by backing a single number you can still win at odds of 5 or 6 to 1 depending upon the lottery but you are never going to win the multi millions that are available by actually being in the draw.


Paddy Power Lottery even has a note in the rules section that the maximum payout is €500,000 under any circumstances on the Irish Lottery but can be as small as €50,000 on other lotteries such as Hong Kong so make sure that your stake fits into the overall maximum payout. The odds available at Paddy Power Lottery vary according the number of numbers backed and the number of numbers drawn but are competitive although not always the best available. Most draws such as 49’s will have a bonus number in addition to the normal 6 numbers drawn so clearly if you back three numbers from the 6 drawn you winning odds are better than backing three numbers from the seven drawn; in fact the odds reduce from 650 to 1 to 350 to 1 for that extra ball so it is worth studying all the odds before deciding how many numbers to play. The odds at Paddy Power Lottery will also depend on the total number of numbers in the draw; for example gambling on three numbers as in the previous example on the New York lottery produces odds of 1250 to 1 and this is because there are 59 numbers in the draw instead of 49 making the chance of finding your three numbers much smaller. Paddy Power Lottery gambling is a great alternative to other number games of luck such as Keno and the big advantage is that you know that nobody can cheat as the numbers are drawn in public and those numbers are known to everybody.