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Keno gambling is a fun way of gambling on numbers

By mr-gambling on 2012-07-01 06:47:05

There is clear evidence that gambling has been a popular human activity throughout history, and many of our modern gambling games date back many years. Before we had access to online casinos through the internet, most of us were limited to sports gambling at the local betting shop, playing slot machines in pubs, clubs or arcades, or playing bingo at the local bingo hall. Next came the Lottery, which provided the whole population with the chance to win big money by gambling on numbers. Gambling games such as bingo and the lotteries both rely on the simple principle of selecting numbers which may appear in a random draw, and are the prime examples of the easiest of numbers gambling games. As you might expect, the online casinos recognised the popularity of these simple numbers gambling games, and most online casinos now offer versions of both bingo and the lotteries, but some have also added other games such as Keno to satisfy our apparent love of gambling on numbers. Keno gambling does differ slightly from one online casino to another, mainly from the point of view of the winning odds, but the principle of gambling on Keno is to select up to 15 numbers from a possible 80, which you then hope will match as many as possible of 20 numbers then drawn by a Random Number Generator. As with most online gambling games, the winning odds in Keno depend on the probability of the outcome, so you can choose to play for higher odds by selecting less than 15 numbers, Gambling on Keno at Paddy Power online casino for example will pay 2/1 on 5 matches from 15 selections, rising to 8/1 for 5 from 10. This may sound a little complicated for what is a very simple numbers gambling game, but the online Keno game graphics usually make the potential winning odds very clear as you make your selections, and Keno gambling is normally available in Free Play at most online casinos for you to practice before playing for real.