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Gambling cheating case reaches the courts

By mr-gambling on 2014-10-17 11:42:24

How can you cheat when gambling on Baccarat has reached the Irish gambling news by becoming a court case as well known top poker player Phil Ivey tries to get his nearly £8 million winnings from Crockfords casino in London. This all started in the beginning of 2013 when Mr Ivey was gambling on high stakes baccarat where he won but was refused a payout and accused of cheating by using a technique known as edge sorting in which cards can be identified by slight differences in patterns on the back. It is not reported in the Irish gambling news whether the differences in the backs of the cards was a natural phenomenon or deliberately applied by someone but the defence suggests that the information was available to anyone and that it was the casino that chose to use those cards for the baccarat gambling game and they could have avoided the problem by changing cards when the shoe was empty. The case promises to go on for quite a while whilst lawyers argue what is cheating at gambling and what is not. For those involved in online gambling probably including the readers of this edge sorting is not possible and although some people are always trying to cheat when gambling at a casino there have been no reported cases of online casino gambling cheating. Also in the Irish gambling news is the appointment of a new Chief Executive at Paddy Power who will take the reins when the current CEO Patrick Kennedy steps down at the end of the year. Andy McCue is the man to take the position at the online gambling firm and he is currently head of UK and Ireland retail operations which makes him an internal appointment. This change is not expected to change the gambling giant a great deal but with a new man at the helm you never know.