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Financial gambling is available to everybody

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-21 12:14:22

Gambling on the stock markets or commodity prices seems at first sight to be a very sophisticated form of gambling open only to a few specialists who have the funds and resources to gamble with large sums of money but in actual fact financial gambling has been brought to the general public by online casino operators such as Ladbrokes and Party Casino where you can have a small flutter on the stock markets in the same way as you might gamble on horse racing. Financial gambling is also seen as a rather long term investment but in actual fact as markets are continually moving the two mentioned online casinos provide an opportunity to gamble every couple of minutes and although some specialists might be able to accurately predict what might happen to an index over a month or so we doubt anybody can predict what will happen over a two minute period. Financial gambling at an online gambling provider is of course quite different from the financial gambling that goes on by traders and they will try to claim that it is not gambling at all but here at we think it is just as much gambling as any other form and the main difference is that you do not need large amounts of cash as you can place a bet for as little as €5. The other main difference is that there is no need to actually buy and sell anything which can result in taxation; financial gambling at an online casino is tax free, the same as any other form of gambling. Financial gambling is certainly not for everybody but it can be great fun and in our humble opinion there is no need to have an in depth knowledge of the markets to enjoy it so take a look at our financial gambling page and give it a go.