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Try free backgammon gambling if you are new to the game

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-21 14:12:05

Gambling on Backgammon is still very popular in certain parts of the world but in Irish gambling we rarely come across it which is a shame because Backgammon gambling can be very exciting and there is more skill involved than maybe seems to be the case at first glance. Unfortunately the number of online casinos that offer backgammon gambling are very few but both Party casino and Ladbrokes casino that we list on this site have it in their line up. Backgammon is not a casino game played against the house but against other gamblers and always one on one so you are dependent upon there being other players who want to play for the same stakes as you at the same time. That said there are enough people gambling on backgammon that Ladbrokes casino is able to offer backgammon tournaments. Party casino or Bwin/Party as it is now known have a special site called PartyGammon which you can access with your online casino account and there always seems to be someone to play against. If you have never tried backgammon gambling we would advise you to try free backgammon first as although luck does play a part, as in any dice game, there is also a considerable element of skill and experience and you never know who you are playing against. The answer is to keep your backgammon gambling to very small stakes until you feel confident and you know what you are doing. If you are completely new to backgammon gambling then PartyGammon is the place to be as they have an excellent Backgammon school which explains the basics of the game and goes into some detail as well as the rules which can at first seem quite daunting. Backgammon gambling is great fun and the more you play, the better you will become.