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Online casinos have reintroduced dice gambling games

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-17 09:37:12

The advantage of gambling at an online casino compared to gambling at a real land based casino is the enormous range of casino games the online casinos are able to offer. Because there are no real space restrictions at an online casino they can and do provide gambling games to suit every taste. The slots in particular are designed to accommodate the interests of sports gambling fans, gamblers who enjoy films and television, and of course those with a fascination for comic book characters. Customers who prefer gambling games which require skill and experience are well catered for with a variety of poker games and blackjack, and some online casinos even offer backgammon as an alternative. Backgammon of course uses dice, so there is an element of luck involved, but the same could be said of poker because even the most skilful players need the luck of the deal. Dice have been part of the gambling scene throughout history and the online casinos have also been able to reintroduce a number of dice gambling games on their sites including for example Craps, which is rarely played at a real casino on this side of the Atlantic in spite of being so popular in the States. For those of you who have never played this dice gambling game, Craps is played with two dice on a table similar to a roulette table, with players gambling on the total value of the two dice and /or any double. The highest return is usually when you predict a specific double and this is called Craps, from which this casino gambling game gets its name. Other dice games available at most online casinos include Roll’em which is available at Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, and requires a simple prediction of the total value of the two dice, through to the far more complicated dice gambling game called Miami Dice also at Paddy Power. This is a dice gambling game which provides many more gambling options, and uses five dice instead of two. Played on a table again similar to a roulette table Miami Dice offers a big range of gambling options and is a fine alternative gambling game for roulette fans. Gambling on dice is of course purely a matter of luck, but the range of dice gambling games available at the online casinos should suit just about everybody who enjoys gambling.