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Ladbrokes Sports

If you mention the word bookmaker most people will think of a high street shop where you go to place a bet on the dogs or the horses and in Ireland the two biggest are Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. The whole concept of a bookmaker has however changed in recent years with the increasing popularity of the internet and online gambling has become bigger and bigger with over the counter gambling reducing in importance. Ladbrokes sports gambling is one of the leaders in the industry and was one of the first to offer online gambling; the company has owned land based casinos in its time and today offers a complete range of online casino gambling but the origins are sports gambling which is clear to see from the vast range of sports that are available for online gambling at Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes Sports

at Ladbrokes Sports


Ladbrokes sports gambling site starts by creating for you a favourites at the top left of the page so if you are a regular gambler on a certain sport it will provide a quick link for you and if there are special events there will also be a quick link plus you can build your own favourites list. If football gambling is your thing you can either go straight to the matched shown on the sports gambling home page which are in order of kick off time or you can choose from any league or cup competition anywhere in the world by clicking football and matches and it is not just the result on which to gamble, there are often more than 100 different bets you can make on a single match. Ladbrokes sports also provide up to date league tables and other data in the football stats centre and live scores during play so that you can follow the action.

Ladbrokes sports gambling is also a specialist at horse racing where every race in the UK and Ireland is listed and there is a good synopsis of the runners in each race plus an opinion of which horse might win but unfortunately even the experts at Ladbrokes sports gambling are not always right. By clicking on the name of each horse you can bring up all the latest races for the horse and how they performed or there is more detailed information on the last run. Ladbrokes sports really do try to give as much information as possible for your horse racing gambling enjoyment.

The a to z section of the sports gambling page lists an enormous variety of sports from all over the globe and if you cannot find what you are looking for here you are unlikely to find it anywhere.
For some unknown reason Ladbrokes sports also list TV, Film and Radio gambling under the heading of sports gambling as well as Politics and Current Affairs and if everything is off due to weather or even the time of day you can always revert to virtual horse and greyhound racing.

Gambling at Ladbrokes sports really does give you an enormous choice and as Ladbrokes uses a single wallet you can switch your money around in your account to play Ladbrokes casino or any other of the choices available.