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Sports gambling in the news again about fixing

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-25 11:22:12

Where there is gambling it seems there will always be people who are trying to cheat and make money whether that be what is known as insider trading in the financial markets, which is gambling in a different disguise, or fixing in sports events and just recently there are even reports of gambling on football matches which don’t even take place. has learned that an investigation is ongoing with regard to match fixers who have resorted to “fixing” up games often involving countries in Asia so that gambling markets are opened but instead of leaving the outcome of such matches to chance the match never takes place and instead what are called “spotters” feed fictitious information about what is happening enabling fortunes to be made on in play gambling. Unfortunately you may be inadvertently caught up in this if you enjoy sports gambling and you are not careful. is here to advise our readers and to keep them safe but the only way is to use a well known and trusted gambling partner such as those we recommend on our site. From this point of view, online casino gambling is probably one of the safer online gambling activities as it is highly regulated and online casinos such as those we recommend have all the necessary licenses and that includes other forms of gambling such as lotteries, poker etc. Sports gambling on in play markets can be a tricky business at the best of times but when someone is trying to manipulate what is going on it becomes even more so; the answer is to avoid gambling on sporting events of minor countries and stick to bets which are less likely to be able to be influenced such as the actual outcome of the event. Gambling is great fun but be aware of what is going and use one of the online gambling providers that has listed.