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Was this the most sophisticated gambling scam ever

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-17 11:27:20

Throughout history, there have always been attempts to skew the gambling odds in favour of the player by cheating in one form or another, but recent reports of an alleged gambling scam discovered in a Cannes casino may well turn out to be one of the most sophisticated to date. Apparently, three Italian players drew attention to themselves when they won 44,000 euros in one evening gambling on Stud Poker against the house, and then when they went back last week to the same table they scooped a further 20,000 euros before staff remembered them and called the police. It is alleged that with the help of a casino employee, they were able to get decks of cards which they had marked with invisible ink into the casino, and then identify those marks using contact lenses which had somehow been treated so that the marks could be read. If proven, this attempted gambling fraud will rank alongside an equally audacious casino gambling scam in 2004, again in the south of France,  in which miniature cameras were used to film the dealer’s hand watched by an accomplice outside the building, who then relayed the information to the gamblers at the table via receivers in their ears. Perhaps this latest attempt to cheat at gambling will join the most famous gambling scam ever to be made into a full length feature film, which tells the story of Joseph Jagger, known as The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo. Many still argue of course that this particular gambling jackpot was not the result of cheating, because what Jagger did was simply to identify a roulette wheel which was not perfectly balanced and then bet on numbers that this wheel favoured as a result.