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Paddy Power Poker

One of the greatest events on the Irish poker calendar is the Irish Open and it is sponsored by Paddy Power Poker which of course you can buy your way into if you happen to have a few thousand Euro to spare (2011 entry fee is some €3500) but a better way is through qualifying events. But Paddy Power poker is not just about the Irish Open, it is about the everyday player who likes a bit of fun and like to challenge themselves against other players.

Paddy Power Poker

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Paddy Power poker is available as instant (flash) version which is sometimes useful or in the more popular download version where you can play Texas Hold’em, Omaha or 5 and 7 card Stud poker either for real money or for fun. Beware when playing for fun as gamblers have a tendency to be much more reckless when there is nothing at stake and you might not be getting a true feel of the game. Cash game poker tables are available 24hours a day at all levels and Paddy Poker usually has one of the best sign up bonuses available. If you are not familiar with the game but would like to start then Paddy Power poker is where you can go to school but this school is not just for beginners as there are video tutorials for intermediate and advanced players as well which means that you can progress through the ranks as you see fit. The school will take you through the hand values, teach you all the poker jargon which is used and explain the variants that you may find but it will also explain to you the etiquette of the game and the house rules as applied at Paddy Power Poker.

There is a very interesting section on bankroll management which explains how easy it is to lose your entire bankroll on one hand of online poker and suggesting that even to play quite small stakes you should reduce your stress by having plenty of cash available in reserve even though it is not on the table. Unfortunately most players will not follow this advice and will spend a time on the sidelines whilst the bankroll is rebuilt. There are specific sections on how to play cash games and how to play tournaments and you can even download a fee odds calculator. Paddy Power Poker is able to give all this advice as they are not playing the game; the poker provider, in this case Paddy Power Poker, takes a rake from every pot and makes the money in that way so it does not matter who wins to the provider but you would be surprised how many players do not read this very sound and sensible advice.

Once you have been to school it is time to play and put all the theory into practise so decide whether you want instant or download poker, download is better if your circumstances permit and open an account. At this point there is some more good reading which will help you find your way around the lobby and some more that will help you use the poker software efficiently. Paddy Power Poker is a great place to be for poker players of all abilities.