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Welcome to the General gambling news page where we post all manner of news articles that we think might be interesting to people like yourself who have found our gambling site and are therefore interested in online gambling. There is always something going on in the gambling world and we therefore have to be a bit selective in what we publish; we are after all not pretending to be a newspaper but we do like to bring bits of particular interest to gamblers of all kinds and Irish ones in particular. We search the press and other sources to find out what is going on in the world of gambling and report it in simple terms and language on this page in the form of short articles; if you want to know more about something specific you can then carry out your own online search to find the detail. We assume that most of our readers will be interested in many forms of gambling so we try to report on a good range of subjects including news about casinos, sports, lotteries, bingo and other games as well as about the bookmakers themselves from all corners of the earth whether it is about openings, closures, cheating or big wins; if we think it might be interesting it is in there.

Advances in internet technology in many countries is bringing online gambling to a much wider audience but fortunately in Ireland we have had online gambling for many years but despite this there are still many out there for whom internet gambling is not trusted and a visit to the local bookmaker is preferred. This is changing and for all the good reasons of convenience and being able to gamble on a much wider range of things not the least of which is a vast range of casino games.

The largest gambling country is the USA and it is from there that a lot of the gambling news comes but with current regulations preventing online bookmakers from operating or actually preventing US gamblers from playing most online gambling news is from other countries. People in China are huge gamblers but again as present regulations stand they are prevented from internet gambling although there is nothing to stop them from travelling to the casinos in Macau or Singapore which is why that is where you can find some of the biggest casinos in the world. If a particular individual bookmaker has something newsworthy you will find that on the pages relating to that bookmaker as long as it is one that we recommend, otherwise it will be here on the general gambling news page. If you are looking for news about a specific topic you can type a keyword into our search section and it will take you to any relevant news article or alternatively you can view previous articles or choose a year and month. We try to keep our articles factual but at the same time easy to read and where possible light humoured; we do our best to entertain as well as inform. We are not bookmakers ourselves which leaves us free to pass comment if we feel it warranted and to give an opinion. At the same time we like to praise what we think is good behaviour from gambling operators as well as criticise what we think is poor behaviour. Not operating as a bookmaker also means that we can do news stories freely without fear of repercussions; we recommend a few online bookmakers and we have arrangements with them but if we think any one of them is behaving in an improper manner towards their customers we shall remove them from our recommended list. On the other side of the coin we may add a gambling site that we think warrants it if they can offer something unique or generally a better service. We recommend having several accounts with different bookmakers as in this way you can pick up the best odds on any number of sporting events; many of our articles on sports will include an overview of where the best odds are; after all if you are going to gamble you need to get the best odds available. Gambling is big business and there are many people out there who are willing to advise you how to gamble for a fee but we are not amongst them, there are also many gambling web sites, in particular online casino sites that are not well known and should be avoided, the news that we publish here will help you avoid those pitfalls and if you stick to the bookmakers that we have researched and recommend you will not go far wrong. Keep visiting our site on a regular basis and we shall keep you up to date with gambling news from around the globe.


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