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By mr-gambling on 2015-05-26 16:21:44

You will probably have noticed by the fact that you are on this site of that there is no list of recommendations for online bingo gambling despite there being many specific online bingo sites available. Bingo gambling has been around for many years but it has moved from the bingo halls to online gambling and although bingo halls still exist online bingo seems to be the preferred method. Many people do not consider gambling on bingo to be gambling at all but of course it is and with the option of buying more cards than you could possible daub yourself you can be gambling quite large sums of money. Most of the online bingo sites seem to think that online bingo is for ladies only and their advertising is aimed in that direction but in fact there are many men who enjoy online bingo gambling and probably would not have been seen dead in a bingo hall. There could in fact be more men than many people realise gambling on bingo as you only have a player name or avatar from which to make a judgment and some of those could be anything. Back to the question of why there is no recommended list of online gambling sites that offer only online bingo and the reason is that many of the online casino gambling sites or the online sports gambling sites also have a full and regular range of bingo games so if online bingo is your thing then simply go to one of those online gambling sites where you can have a full range of other casino gambling games alongside your bingo and as you probably know with auto daubing you do not even have to be watching the bingo game to win, you could be playing online slots at the same time and not miss out on any winnings that come your way.