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Set your own limits when casino gambling at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2018-09-24 11:14:55

Gambling and online gambling in particular seems to be getting a lot of bad press recently due to the relatively few people that have a gambling problem being unable to control their betting. In sports gambling it can be very difficult for the gambling firms to control what players are doing but when it comes to casino gambling several of the online casinos really try by offering the opportunity for players to set their limits at the beginning. Only the players themselves are really aware of what they can afford to spend or risk on gambling due to the huge variety of personal circumstances. Placing a bet of €50 or €100 might be nothing to one person but might be the difference between eating or not eating to somebody else. This might be an extreme example but the differences in disposable income across the board are large. Online gambling companies mostly subscribe to the motto of “When the fun stops, stop” and insert it in all advertising material but like many mottoes after a while it becomes just a part of the backdrop and therefore ineffective. There is one online casino however which has found that takes it one step further in helping people who are gambling online to restrict their activity and that is called Fun Casino.

Fun Casino is number three on the list recommended by and their approach to problem gambling is partly why but it is also a great online casino in its own right. Fun Casino actually derived its name from the belief that playing at online casinos can only remain fun when players are playing within limits that they can afford to lose. Losing is not a given but players should be prepared for it anyway. Fun Casino encourages players to set limits on wager size and betting limits within a time period which can be as short as 24 hours or longer such as week or a month but unusually players can also set limits on the length of time that is spent at the casino. If players at the casino feel like a rest they can also exclude themselves for seven days, 30 days or even 6 months. Permanent exclusion is also possible but permanent means permanent for Fun Casino so the procedure for reinstatement is quite lengthy. Once set, the online casino will allow these limits to be increased but there is a seven day cooling off period before they become active. This is clearly to prevent players from changing limits at inappropriate moments such as when they are under stress. Decreasing limits on the other hand can be effective immediately. Not all online casinos go to the trouble that Fun Casino does to tackle problem online gambling. It is not unusual for an online casino to encourage players to set limits but Fun Casino actually sets house limits when players register for the first time. Of course these can be changed by the player but by setting house limits they are certainly encouraged to think about it.

Apart from being very active in trying to tackle problem gambling Fun Casino is a great place to do your online gambling. The casino uses a variety of casino software including NetEnt and Microgaming which have hundreds of great casino slots including some of the largest jackpots around supplemented by slots from Amatic Industries. This is an interesting addition to the line up as Amatic has many casino slots which are simpler than the average five reel slot which comes from their background. Amatic Industries has been in the business for many years but historically has focussed on the cabinet style machines found in casinos and clubs and bars. Their decision to bring some of these games into the online gambling world under the name Amanet was inevitable and Fun Casino was one of the first to incorporate them into the line up. believes that many Irish casino players like to be able to follow what is going on and know when they have a winning line or a near miss. Casino slots with multiple winning lines, even those with 24 or so winning lines, make it impossible for the player to check every line especially as there are frequently illogical patterns to the winning lines. The casino software will of course do it for you but for many that is not the same. For example the casino slot All Ways Fruits is a five reel slot but the winning lines are very simple in that matching symbols can be anywhere on a reel and all wins are from left to right. This means that matching symbols anywhere on reels one , two and three is a win but a match on reel five is no good without  match on reel four as well. The exception to this is in the bonus game where matches count wherever they are.

Online gambling should remain a form of entertainment and if it is treated as such there should be no problems but at least Fun Casino does is best to help. There are also links to help sites for those that recognise that they have an issue but of course the biggest issue is probably that those with a problem are incapable of recognising or admitting it until it is too late. All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino which are numbers one and two on the recommended list also have limits which can be set. No Bonus Casino is an interesting online casino as it breaks from the tradition of offering a bonus to new players by not offering a bonus to anybody. This would be noncompetitive was it not for the fact that it offers an alternative and that is cash back if you lose. That sounds strange but it is in fact very simple and states that if you make a deposit on any day and manage to lose it all on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day as cash with no strings attached. The offer is also for every players on every deposit.