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Casino gambling plays a big part in online activity

By mr-gambling on 2019-04-04 17:13:24

Gambling online is a very large part of bookmakers revenues these days and although most people may think of sports gambling revenue moving from high street shops to online, a very major part of the increase in online gambling is due to online casinos. Gambling at a casino was difficult in Ireland but now bookmakers are able to operate online casinos and that is nothing but an increase in revenues. Bookmakers have not had it all their own way as there is no need to operate a sports gambling company in order to operate an online casino with the result that many new sites have appeared that focus on online casino play only and in many cases that focus has resulted in a better offering than the established bookmakers. Because of this has chosen to not simply have a top three for everything but to separate sports gambling and casino gambling and propose a top three for each category. The sports gambling top three are all established names in the gambling industry generally as well as in the online gambling side of things but the casino gambling top three are names which might not be readily recognisable for the simple reason that they are online only and therefore have no high street presence. You might expect name such as Paddy Power who have a perfectly good online casino to figure in the top three but in the opinion of having just one casino software supplier in use on the site puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

That possibly needs some explanation so here goes. Sports gambling software for online gambling is generally written by the bookmaker themselves but casino gambling software is created by specialist companies of which there are a few but nothing like as many as there are online casinos.  This means that an online casino as access to multiple versions of casino software. Some online casinos such as Paddy Power casino prefer to have an exclusive arrangement with just one of these suppliers but others such as any of the top three listed prefer to use several different ones at the same time. This gives a much wider choice of casino games especially in the area of casino slots which is good for the player. This availability of casino software does mean that you can find the same casino slots on different casino gambling sites but this is both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The advantage comes in the area of progressive jackpot slots where the jackpots build much faster if there are more players and if there are several online casinos carrying the same slot it is reasonable to expect that there will be more players. The disadvantage for the online casino is that one of the differentiation factors of having more choice of casino games has disappeared and the casinos are forced to think of something else to attract and keep players but that in itself can be an advantage to players.

The most common way to attract new players  which does nothing for existing players is to offer them a bonus which is often a 100% match of the first ever deposit they make. This all sounds great until you read the terms and conditions attached when you will find that in order to withdraw any winnings you will need to have staked the bonus money 40 times on certain casino games. Low risk casino game such as roulette and blackjack are often excluded from counting towards this requirement. This makes it infinitely harder to actually get any reward from the bonus money apart from the ability to play for longer than would otherwise be the case. Casino gambling site No Bonus Casino has come up with an alternative that rewards both existing players and new players and that is instead of a bonus to give everybody cash back if they lose. It is rare to find any sort of online gambling where you can get cash back if you lose but here is one. The deal is that if you make a deposit into your online casino account and somehow manage to lose the whole lot on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day with no questions asked. There are no restrictions on which casino games must be played and the cash back really is cash that is not subject to any restrictions either. This means that if you decide to withdraw the cash back you can do so. Possibly the best thing about this offer is that it is not restricted to new players but is available to every player on every deposit made into their casino account.

Another way in which a casino can differentiate itself is simple to offer more versions of casino software than anywhere else and it is that comes out on top in that aspect.  At this casino there are literally hundreds of casino slots ranging from the more simple versions provided by Amanet right up to the very complicated progressive jackpots from NetEnt and Microgaming where there are millions of Euro to be won in a single spin. With all this available to Irish casino players it is clear to see why bookmakers  are concentrating far more on online gambling than ever before both in casino gambling and sports gambling. From the customer point of view online gambling is also a great boon as you can use any form of mobile device to place your bets. For example the Grand National is in a couple of days and not only do you not need to cross the Irish sea to place your bet but you don’t even need to leave your own home and visit an overcrowded bookmakers shop, just settle down look for the horses you fancy and place your bets. If you do not already have a sports gambling account online you have a couple of days in which to get it sorted.