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Online gambling problems in Irish gambling news

By mr-gambling on 2015-12-12 16:01:34

Recent reports in the Irish gambling news suggest that the demographics of online gambling patrons might be changing and it is blamed on the ease with which online gambling can be accessed using a phone or tablet at any time. In the gambling news is an example which may or may not be true of a professional lady in the banking industry who started playing Candy Crush on her way to and from work but ended up online gambling at casinos even on her work computer during working hours. Even when her credit card was refused she borrowed money and took out payday loans to fund the habit. Fortunately this lady sought help and is hopefully now cured. If the reports in the Irish gambling news are to be believed the majority of online gambling used to be done by lower income people but has now moved to the middle class professionals such as Doctors, Teachers and Lawyers. Whichever group you are in heed the warnings about gambling online and follow the advice about “when the fun stops, stop. Those who think that online gambling problems do not exist in Ireland should also take note of recent reports in the Irish gambling news about a man from Finglas who stole massive amounts of money from the Credit Union for which he worked. By making fraudulent loans and stealing cheques he was able to embezzle more than €450,000 from his employer before being discovered in an audit. The gentleman in question has also sought help and is probably cured but he was sentenced to 3 years in Jail and has not worked since so the effects can be devastating. There is help available for anybody who feels that they have a problem with online gambling although of course most people have fun gambling online well within what they can afford to lose.