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Online casinos offer a vast range of online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2012-05-06 12:17:32

Online casinos offer a vast range of online gambling opportunities so if you want a change from sports gambling or whatever your regular online gambling is give an online casino a try. There are casino games that require knowledge and strategy and then there are those casino games which are a question of pure luck and one of those is red dog which we shall feature today. Red dog  has got to be the simplest gambling game around with only three cards in play and it is also one of the fastest games around. Red Dog is also known in some circles as “Acey Deucy” or “In between” but the game rules are the same. You start gambling on Red Dog by choosing your table stakes and then place an ante bet after which you will receive two cards face up. To win at Red Dog the next card that you are dealt must fall in between the first two so clearly the more cards that are possible the better your chances of winning; Ace is always high in Red Dog gambling so clearly the best hand is an ace and a two (hence the name Acey Deucy). Depending upon your first two cards you can decide whether further gambling is justified and you either place an additional bet or not. To encourage you to gamble on spreads that are smaller (meaning that the number of possible winning cards is smaller) the online casino will pay better odds so if you have for example a Jack and a three which has a spread of seven (there are seven possible winning cards) you will only receive odds of one to one but for a spread of two or three the odds will be much better. Two cards dealt in Red dog gambling that are identical in value requires no further action as a third card will automatically be dealt and if that is again of equal value you get paid at 11:1 and if not you get your money back. Red Dog is a no skill casino gambling game and well worth a try.