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Scratch cards are now also available online

By mr-gambling on 2012-05-02 10:49:47

Wherever you go in Ireland it is becoming increasingly clear that scratch card gambling is a major part of our gambling landscape. The appeal of gambling on scratch cards appears to have spread to all age groups and across the whole spectrum of society. When scratch cards were first introduced in the eighties, there were very few choices and they all cost a standard one euro. Now it is possible to buy scratch cards at your local newsagent for as much as ten euros, with corresponding increases in potential winnings. The online casinos have of course recognised the growth in scratch card gambling, and many of the major online casinos now offer their own versions of scratch cards which provide instant results and allow us to enjoy scratch card gambling for very small stakes, often as low as 0.1 euros. Our most popular online casino operator Paddy Power have seven scratch cards, with themes varying from horse racing and golf to popular TV programmes. There is a choice of format with winning combinations of 3 from 6 or 3 from 9, all allowing various levels of stake. For those of us who want to try scratch card gambling for higher stakes, Party Casino have two scratch cards with stakes  rising to $250 or even $500. Gambling on scratch cards online offers instant results plus a choice of how much you want to stake, and with a variety of different themes there is a scratch card to suit all tastes. Scratch card gambling is here to stay because it’s easy and offers quite good potential winnings for very low stakes, and now that the online casino operators have got involved you do not even have to go down to the local shop.