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Let it ride poker gambling can be found in online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-13 16:07:14

There are many casino gambling games available at online casinos that are not often if ever seen at land based casinos and certainly not in the Irish gambling clubs and one of those is Let it Ride Poker or Let it Ride as it is known for short. Let it Ride gambling is basically a poker gambling game but it is played against the dealer rather than against other players, although the dealer does not have a hand, so there is no bluffing and you know your outlay for each hand. In this respect Let it ride is similar to video poker gambling so the better your hand the more you can win. Your initial bet in Let it Ride gambling is in fact three equal bets but do not let that worry you as you have the chance to withdraw two of those three bets during the game and after they have been placed 5 cards will be dealt of which three will be face up and the other two face down. The lowest winning hand when gambling on let it ride is a pair of tens so that is what you are trying to achieve and the better your hand is then the greater are the odds that a winning hand pays out at. By looking at your poker hand you must decide whether with the additional two cards you can achieve a pair of tens or better; if you think you can then you let your second bet ride and the fourth card is turned over. If you doubt your ability to form a let it ride hand which is sufficiently high you can withdraw your second bet but whichever you decide to do the fourth card will still be turned and you are still in the game. The process is then repeated in let it ride gambling for the final card and the final bet. Let it ride gambling is a simple poker gambling game and is available at some but not all online casinos.